Kimeice smith is the Creator and Founder of Kimeice Smith Consultancy, Upwards Business Academy and Herbs And love Ltd.

Kimeice is a Small Business Consultant who provides marketing and management services for startups and existing small businesses. She teaches people how to start and grow businesses online and how to transition to the online space for global expansion. Kimeice helps entrepreneur’s identity hidden problems in their businesses and find solutions to solve them.

Kimeice founded her own luxury skin care company called Herbs And Love where she formulates and sells 100% organic skin care products to women who desires to use less chemical products to maintain a youthful appearance.

Kimeice graduated university in 2017 with a Degree in Business Management and spent the last 11 years studying courses and practicing over US $50,000.00 worth of training from mentors who are celebrities in the online marketing industry.

Kimeice worked as an Elementary Teacher for the Government of Anguilla, Customer Service Adviser for Wickes in England, Digital Marketing Assistant in Canada, Secretary for USC Human Resource Manager in Trinidad, Realtor in Anguilla, Nanny in Canada, House Cleaner in Trinidad and Canada, Private Childs Tutor in Trinidad, Sales Clerk to name a few.

Kimeice Travelled throughout the Caribbean Islands, lived in Canada and the United Kingdom and visited America and Europe. While travelling around the world she attended many live networking events, seminars and conferences to make solid connections with digital marketing experts, authors, international speakers, recording experiences and learning the skills necessary to build her own Online Consulting Business.

Kimeice top skills are digital marketing, conducting economic market research, networking, strategic project planning and management, building funnels, building mini websites, writing direct copy, mobile video editing and content creation, listening to people and communicating effectively.

Kimeice true mission is to help people, specifically Caribbean to become financial stable through coaching and education programs and to transform their lives by planting biblical seeds throughout their business structure.

Kimeice enjoys helping others find meaning and purpose in their life. The loves he moment they overcome fear and take massive actions towards their future. She says its like opening a cage and watching a bird fly away. This path she’s on to help people improve their lives and their businesses is a path she believes God has placed her on, so she has the faith that He will help her to accomplish success.

Kimeice is just here to help you. She’s just here to open your eyes. She doesn’t over complicate things and doesn’t make up stories. Though she may come across as pretty serious at times she enjoys a good laugh and celebrating small moments of success and growth.

Kimeice wants her business to be an inspiration to you in every way possible. Please feel free to reach out to her via social media or by filling out the form on the contact page on this website. She looks forward for working with you and at the very least, having a great conversation.